Monday, December 22, 2008


I really havent been in the blogging mood here lately..

So here's the update on the last week.

On the 16th P had his first appointment with a counselor about the odd... We talked for a lil bit and she barely talked to P. She pretty much said that she didn't think he had that he was a normal 6yr old boy. And she didn't think that he needed to come back. I told her I thought he definetely needed to come back, even just to talk. I feel like I am at my wits end. I can not take it anymore. He has a lot of anger built up and maybe at least just talking with him will help everything. So we go back in Jan.

Then P had his holiday musical performance that same night. He did so great! He definetly loves to perform and has a musical ear! S wanted to be up there with him. And because I wouldn't let her, she decided to throw a fit over it! My step-dad came and got her and took her to the back of the room... I could still hear her crying thru the whole thing. Poor thing! lol. She always wants to be with her brother.

The rest of the week is kinda a blur to me now! lol. Thats so horrible.

Friday we went to diner with a couple of my friends. And both kids did really good!!! Then we went and looked at Christmas lights. It was nice. Afterward my friend L came over and me, her and p watched a movie. S went to bed... well tried to get her to anyway... she kept sneeking out

finally we got her to go back to sleep.

Sat. we went with Nani to the Moose Christmas party. That was neat... different. and funny. The kids I think enjoyed themselves. P went and stayed the night over a friends house. My friend J came over and we watched a couple movies together. S was scared to death of him!! lol. She kept screaming and freaking out whenever she seen him!!

Sun- We went and got our pics taken with Santa. That was a lot of fun! We really enjoyed it! In the evening me and P were wrapping gifts and S decided she didnt want to go to sleep.. so she came out... grabbed a gift , said mine, and went running to her room!! lol.

Too Cute!

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