Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today was alright... I was over tired and over crabby! lol. Not a good mix with kids!

It was a stressful day at work and I have some personal issues I am trying to work thru and manage.
Afterwork I went and picked up S. She forgot her babydoll at the sitter, so I had to run back there and get that for her. Went to pick up P from my dads. He didnt want to leave... so I had to argue with him about that... And he didnt do his homework, like I had asked him to do before I got there. Finally got both kids loaded into the car and head home.
As we walked in the car, my friend arrived to bring our Christmas tree. This was the first time my kids had ever me my friend A and P was excited but of course S was scared out of her mind. So she came running to me and wouldnt let me put her down for anything.
While A was bringing in the tree I kept telling P to sit down and do his home work... He kept having to do something... this or that... or needed me to read part of his homework to him. I kept telling him just to do what he could first then, when I was done, i would help with the rest. Well that wasn't good enough and he wasn't going to do it at all.
My friend T showed up to pick up some Christmas decorations that I had for her, and we started talking and she was explaining things going on in her life and over an hour went by. It was 8 oclock and my kids still hadn't ate dinner, did homework, have a bath and it was already bed time!!! So I yelled for P to come and do his homework, and of course he had to play like he didn't know how to do anything! Didnt know his days of the week, didnt know how to write a date (yet has been doing this for over a month now) Then he couldn't find a pencil that worked or anything else to write with and he didn't want to use a pen! So I was finally completley frustrated and told him fine... dont do your homework you can just go to bed, and get in trouble at school tomorrow for not having it done and then you will get in trouble at home for being in trouble at school! So finally he sat down and started doing it. I was trying to get dinner together for them and get S situatied in her seat and started to eat. While I was doing that my friend A came in and started helping P with his homework... It was hilarious. P acted like he didn't have a clue on how to do things... I just kept my mouth shut, at least it wasn't an argument. I got S into bath and then ready for bed. P got dinner and some hot cocoa compliments of A.
By 930... I was exhausted... both kids in bed... P sound asleep, S singing in her crib. I was vegged out in a dark family room sitting on my couch.
I hope Tuesday is better. (even tho tuesdays are always tired days for me!)

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