Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today actually went pretty good with both kids.

I got a small break from both of them in the evening and actually got started on my Christmas shopping! Now I am starting to get into the Christmas mood. Maybe I will decorate this weekend if I have time.

P came home from his Mamaw and S from her Papi and Nani. Both kids were pretty good. Neither acted up or crazy.

P went to bed really good for me. No fighting or fussing. S got up and down a few times... but finally went to sleep. She only got one bottle tonite when I first laid her down but nothing any other time she got up. She was so cute tho... she come out to the kitchen where I was... and would be like: hi mom. lol. then go running to the couch and hide her face! lol! P did get up one time to tell me he had to go pee really bad! lol. I dont know where he got that from- having to tell me when he has to use the bathroom... like getting permission or something.

It was finally a much needed good night!!

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