Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas time!!! 2008

Well Christmas has come and gone!
I cant believe that its all over with already!!! So much anticipation for it... just for it to go so quick!!
Christmas was wonderful for all of us!!! P and S enjoyed it so so much!!!
Christmas eve was so nice. My dad, step mom, Grandma B and two of our close family friends all came over to my house to celebrate. Lucky me, I got to work that day... so my stepmom (nani) came over and watched the kids for me and got the food all prepared. It was so nice not having to get up and get them ready for once... that never happens!!!
So we celebrated at my house.. The kids got so much stuff.. and of course... they played in the big box that one of the gifts came in more than the toys! lol. Santa paid us a visit and it was fun. S actually went near him and didn't freak out!! yea!!
We went to Christmas eve serv. and that was really nice... P did excellant there! S was tired and cranky from the whole day so she was more restless. Then me and the kids went to Red Lobster with my mom and stepdad and bro. It was nice... even tho they were sooooo slow, and there was no one there!!! After dinner we went to my moms to open a gift and then back home and the kids opened all of the gifts from me! They both were so good it was a Christmas miricle!! :-)
Christmas morning they woke up to get their stockings and the gifts that Santa left them! P was super excited because he got two of the things he really wanted... S liked it too.. but wasnt over excited. We then went to my mom to open some gifts over there... P was over tired and over stimulated already and was starting be come a grouch... S was ok.. They both got so spoiled tho this Christmas!!! its insane!!!
P went with his father for the week till New Years eve... so its just been me and S. It has been fun... but i know she is missing her brother.
The 26th... i went to the radio city Christmas spectacular featuring the rockettes... it was really ncie... it was nice spending time with the family... and NO KIDS!!!
The rest of the weekend we pretty much was just laszy... I put together S's new bed... I am still fighting her on sleeping there... she wants to be with mommy.
Sunday night... i thought she was in bed... next thing i know she comes out to the family room... and says look mommy- hair... i looked... and smelled... and she put an entire tub of vick vapor rub in her hair!!! lucky me!!! that is a pain to get out... i washed her hair 2x... still nothing... so i put her back to bed... i was exhausted by this point... and just wanted togo to sleep...
Yesterday my mom picked her up early from the sitter... and washed her hair with corn starch and a good shampoo... more came out... but its still really greasey looking... o well.
We got our new puppy last nite... ill put up pics. s loves him... but he doesnt know exactly what to make of her yet... shes just slightly "over" loving!
Again last night was another fight to gether to sleep in her bed. she wants to stay up with me! finally at 1130 and crying herself to sleep... the fight was over... till 230 when she climbed in bed with me... she won.
I got a call from my ex and his wife last night about p. he stole his cousins lil toys. they found them in his coat pocket... i so dont know what to do with him! I dont know why he does what he does!!! He's got an appt with the doc on sat... so hopefully she will be able to tell me something... becasue i really don't know what to do!

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