Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I was being nosy and looking and reading other blogs on here...
and it has brought me to once conclusion... its all makes me a lil sad.

All of the blogs I read are about happy lil families... husband, wife and kids...
I want that so bad... I want that so bad it hurts... I have never experianced that before. I mean I have wanted a lot of things... but so bad that my heart aches for it like this.

I want a "lil family". I want a Christian family. I want love from a man and be able to give it to him. I want more kids. I want to be the lil wifey who is there for my man and my kids. I want to be able to have the time and energy to do things crafty and to do things with and for my family.

Is this too much to ask?

I know it will all come in due time. The Lord has a plan for me and for my family. I know he is preparing me to be the best I can be for my husband and is doing the same to the man he has planned to be my husband... all I can do is be patient and wait.

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