Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12/15/08 PART 2

So I get off work as alway... almost dreading it today.. I already knew how P was acting and I really didn't have the strength to deal with him for the rest of the night.
I went and got S from the sitters... paid her money I really didn't have and went to go and get P at my dads.
They told me he was good while I was gone, ate 2 bowls of cereal and an orange. He said he was still hungry. I said fine, finish the orange and we will got get dinner. He asked where? I told him at home. He just said oh and went back to eating his orange. I took S into see Papi and first thing she did was jump up into his lap and ask for some gum and of course my dad gives it to her and a piece to give to P. They both enjoy it... Now after the 2nd piece of gum she convinced my dad to give her, he told her no more... she proceeded to stick her bottom lip out... crawl down off his lap... start crying and come and sit with me. She was done with Papi. lol. And you guessed it... Papi gave her another piece of gum. What a softy.
I told P it was time to leave... He wanted to keep playing. I said finish up, we are leaving. At this moment S decided to throw a fit- about what I don't even remember. So I knew it was time to leave. P decided to start to throw a fit too cuz he wanted to keep playing. A few minutes later, coats on, kissed done we were out the door. phew... We got home and I sent P straight to his room for acting up earlier that day on my lunch. I put S in her room for the fit she threw over at Papi and Nani and I was already wiped out for the day... but there was still dinner to be made and laundry to be done.
So I made dinner and let both kids out of the room while it was cooking. S sat on the counter playing in the sink and P was at the kitchen table making snowflakes. I was cooking and folding laundry. We ate dinner in the family room and watched Elmo went to grouchland. The disc kept skipping and S had the remote by her so everytime it paused she would touch the remote and thought she was fixing the problem. P ate everything on his plate! and S most of it all.
Right after dinner it was bed time... well 15 minutes early... but I was exhausted and needed them down for the night. I got them all into bed and settled, and I went to do some more of the laundry, take a shower and by 930 I was in bed too. S had different plans for me tho. She decided to get up out of bed at 1030 and come into my room (its a good thing she is just short enough that she doesn't set off the motion decector for our alarm system!!) I got her back into bed just for her to get up again at 1130 to do it all again...
I am exhausted.

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