Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Story time Tuesday- 1

I have decided in maybe trying something new...  
I have been working on a bit of a story of my life...somethings have been changed in it... names have been changed in it... all in all.. its not really the story of my life... but the story inspired by my life...  I am going to try and every Tuesday post more and more of this story... until its all complete... its part of my own personal therapy too... So I hope this all works out!!  Enjoy! 

It was an October evening.. well more like night....  
My good friend at the time, JoAnn and I went up the Back Alley, a little hole in the wall bar close to where I worked, for a couple drinks after a hard day at work.  I remember this day so plainly, just like it was yesterday.  A few of my other friends were up there too. John and his roommate. I had only known John for a short time... but we were cool.. and we also were sleeping together...but we were just friends.  
JoAnn and I were sitting on the side of the bar. She got a call from her boyfriend Chris. She said that he was on his way up to the bar with his friend Ramon. Chris cleaned office buildings in the evenings. Normally his friend Josh went with him to help him out for a few extra bucks but not tonite. Josh had a date and canceled on Chris, so Ramon offered to go with him and help him out.  
About 15 minutes later. Chris and Ramon walked in... I still remember seeing him... standing their so tall and so thin... He was wearing a orange and black stripped polo. His orange and black jacket. His hands in his pockets. Hair in dreads.And that smile... that smile gave me butterflies.  
They came in and sat down on the other corner of the bar and ordered their drinks. Chris got 99 bananas and orange juice. Ramon got a Red Stripe.  JoAnn introduced all of us.  Ramon hadn't stopped smiling or looking at me since they walked in.  I tried not to pay too much attention. I just sat there and sipped my cherry vodka and 7-up.  
Then night went on. It was a lot of fun. We laughed, we talked, and we drank...  JoAnn and Chris were playing pool. John and his friend had left. So it was just me and Ramon sitting there at the bar. So I scooted over to the chair next to him so we can talk some.  We talked about a few different things... but one that stood out in my head was porn. I had told him about my coworkers sending me some really nasty nasty emails. I suggested I could send them to him. So we exchanged email addresses. We talked and joked some more till it was time for JoAnn to start to head home, since I was her driver, I had to leave too.  
We all walked out together. I got said goodnight to Chris and Ramon and got into my car. JoAnn kissed Chris good night and then got in too...  On our way down the highway to our house, JoAnn's phone rang. It was Chris. He just wanted to tell us to be safe driving home and  for her to call him when we got home. Then Ramon got on the phone and said he wanted to talk to me.  I took the phone, said hello, and then gasped... I looked in the sky and just seen a shooting star.  I made a wish. The same wish I had been making on stars since I was young. To be happy. Simple.  I told Ramon what had happened since he heard me gasp. He asked me what I wished for and I told him I couldn't say because it wouldn't come true. He said fine... and for me to be safe and he looked forward to the emails I was going to send him.