Friday, July 16, 2010

Realization Friday


~ that I love having kids around me

~ I love hot weather- as long as I can have the A/C on

~ You will never change someone. Its only them that can make a change for themselves

~ That I want to enjoy my grandkids not argue with them or their parents

~ That ignorance can really be bliss

~ That its really hard to constantly think positive, esp. when negative things happen

~ That the weather always seems to cool down as soon as we pull out the big blowup slide/pool thingy

~ That there are certain people in my life that love drama... and will continue to cause it just to be apart of it, no matter how much they "say" they hate it

~ That its easy to judge someone until you are in their shoes

~ That most people in my life, won't ever fully get me or my choices or my thoughts

~ That to some people, I will never be good enough, smart enough, funny enough, skinny/fat enough... But to ME, I am enough as I am. 

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God Bless

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