Monday, July 19, 2010

I got an award!!! :-)

I recieved this award from Ally at Veritable Ally. Thank you sweetie for the award and the kind works on your post!  

OK.. so I have to tell you guys 10 things about me... hhhmm...  Well I will do recent things.

~  I haven't been to church in about 4 months. I just don't have the motivation to go. I hate it and I don't really know why. 

~  I have started a Life Transforming Project with the inspirational Life Coach Lindsay over at A New Breed of Mom.

~ I am trying to think positive every single day... but its so hard. Especially when I deal with idiots. 

~ My moods are based on the people around me... If everyones in a great mood... I feed off of it... If everyones in a sour mood... sadly I feed off that too.

~ I want a happy, committed, Christian based marriage. 

~ I want at least one more baby, after I am married.

~ I am horrible at putting the clean, folded clothes away.. they sit on my dryer for at least a week before I finally put them away.

~ My bedroom right now is a disaster... I just have no energy to clean it by the time I get home from work... clean the rest of the house... make dinner... spend time with the kids...

~ When it comes to my kids.... I can be a lil over the top.

~ 99% of the time... I am freezing.

~ I am going back to school this fall.. Just going to take basic classes... but I am going.

OK.. Now on too the people that I think deserve an award!! Def. check out their blogs and follow!! 

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These are the blogs I visit and comment on the most... If I forgot anyone.. I am sorry... Leave me a comment below with your link so everyone can visit your blog too!! 

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