Thursday, July 29, 2010

Story Time Thursday-3

The next day I had a long email from Ramon apologizing for not coming out last night. I replied back to him that there were no worries.. He has responsibilities.. We emailed more through out the day. He asked me about myself... and I am always honest with everyone... I told him I was in the middle of a divorce. I had married my high school sweetheart after dating for 10yrs! We had one child together. I cheated on my husband... and I ended the marriage.  He told me about him. He was on his second marriage. The first wife- his high school sweetheart had cheated on him. They had a child together.  He had 2 other children by two other women.  Two of the kids lived in Florida and the third live right here in our city, but he didn't get to see her because the mom refused to let him have anything to do with her. His wife now he met a few years back... and it was fate that they were together, but she lied and cheated on him so much that he just couldn't trust her or be with her anymore. He got laid off from the Pepsi plant a few months back and hadn't been able to find work since.  All I could think is wow... glad we are only friends...  
Then next day JoAnn called me and said that her and Chris were going out to the new dance club in town called DT or DownTown. She asked if I wanted to go. I said sure I didn't have my daughter so it was all good, I would meet her at Chris's house about 930.  I was excited. I had been in the mood to go out dancing.  
Later that night, I get over to Chris's and see that Ramon is there.  I got little butterflies in my tummy. Why was I so excited for him to be there. Seriously, this man was no good for me!  JoAnn was up in Chris's room getting ready, so I went up there to see if I could help out with anything. She was beautiful. Long dark wavy hair. 5'4". Maybe 105lbs wet. Beautiful figure. Just stunning and tonight was no exception. I asked her why Ramon was there. She said that Chris had invited him because he doesn't drink much and would be able to drive us, plus he had been bugging Chris about seeing me again.  That brought a small smile to my face.  She said she was glad that I was going out with them. She didn't like Ramon's wife and his wife didn't like her. Plus she hated him always being the 3rd wheel. 
Once she was all ready, we headed down to the club.  After we walked in and got our drinks, I saw that Izzy was there. I went over and hugged him and invited him to come over and hang out with us.  Everyone always thought that there was something going on with me and Izzy, but we were just good friends. We had a lot in common and both enjoyed going out and having a good time... He was my drinking buddy.  JoAnn looked at me when I brought Izzy over and whispered in my ear and asked why he was here. Izzy wasn't her favorite person.  I said his friends stood him up and I invited him to hang with us. She said yea right... He probably showed up just cause he knew YOU would be here. I told her she was crazy. 
We decided to do a shot. A blow job, one of my favorite shots.  It was Bailey's and Kahlua in a shot glass... with whipped cream on top... the catch was- you couldn't use your hands.  It was always fun to do and always got the attention of the guys.  We did it. JoAnn dropped hers and the glass shattered everywhere. She laughed and said she couldn't swallow the cream!  Chris just looked at her, then us, and shook his head. Ramon asked me what it tasted like... So I went over and kissed him. Passionately. 

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