Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Alright. I am making some changes with my blog! :-) 

I am starting something new for my blog (and I really hope its successful) called Tell All Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I will feature a different person in my world, whether is the blogger world, the twitter world, facebook world or the real life world!  I have a bunch of questions I have gathered (thank you @myloveablelablesfor your help) to be answered. There are about 41 questions to be answered, but you only have to answer 10. You can answer more if you would like.. but at least 10 are needed for the post!  
Send me an email if you are interested is doing this with me!!! :-)  overthinkingmama@gmail.com. I am planning on starting this Next Tuesday! :-) 

Story time tuesdays will now be Story Time Thursdays. :-) Thank you for your understand on that! 

My week has been pretty good... Yesterday I woke up kinda depressed and just in a sour mood..  The day ended pretty good as my kids and my bf were able to put me into a much better mood.  I went and took my placement test for the college. Thank you for all the well wishes!! I think I did alright on the English part of it.. but I know I did horrible on the math. The whole thing took me about 2hrs to do!! I was exhausted by the time I was done!! I have to go back sometime this week to talk with a counselor about the results and find out about classed and also need to talk to the financial aid people too.  So I am excited for that.. tho I am really nervous about college overall, but I know it will be all good. 

I am trying to really think positive and start doing things differently in my life! 
Yesterday was really hard to think postitive with me being in a sour mood most of the day...  but I did try. Today has been better.. I am thinking positive about things and life.. I made sure I got up on time this morning... and had time to sit down and have a cup of coffee and read the bible and pray before work!! I am really happy about that. I wish I could have done that before the kids got up... but I will take what I can get.  It will be a challange but I know with the help of My Life Coach A New Breed Mom I can do this!! :-) 

Ps. Dont forget to send me your realizations for my Realization Friday post!! email me to the address above!! thanks! 

God Bless

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