Friday, July 9, 2010

Reminiscing- blogging style.

I was reading a blog by one of the chica's that I follow on Twitter @iamthepeachy1. Her blog Being Peachy is great!  And the post that she did today..about KY and cucumbers. well it was hilarious and made me remember a funny story of my own...  involving cucumbers... :-) 

It was a Halloween party me and (at the the time) husband threw.  It was our first Halloween party and we went all out.. had decorations, drinks, food (thanks to my mom), and of course a costume contest.  So just about everyone showed up with a costume!  It was packed in our lil house... I would say about 30 people showed up and they were all squeezed in the kitchen or the family room... It was great fun. I dressed up as a dead prostitute.. my neighbor was a school girl... and the other neighbor kid (who was I think maybe 18??) dressed as Ron Jeremy (porn star for those who don't know)... Why are these 3 costumes important... well I'll tell ya.. 
About an hour or so into the party... we were all talking about "Ron Jeremy"... and how.. well how "endowed" he's supposed to be... and well the 18yr just wasn't cuttin it... He needed a cucumber...  yea.. that's it.. He needed a cucumber.. I mean what porn star doesn't have a cucumber?? 
So me and the school girl decide we are going to go down to the corner convenient store and get him his cucumber... still dressed in our wonderfully sexy costumes... 
So we go down to the store... and get a very nice size cucumber... and go to the register. 
The cashier looks at us... and the cucumber... and at us...  
She asks: Having a party tonite girls? 
We say: yup... we have a porn star and this will come in handy.  (ok.. maybe not those exact words... but hey this is my story.. i can make stuff up if i want to) 
She says: well have fun! 
I can only imagine what was going through her mind when we left.