Friday, July 23, 2010

Realization Friday

Ive come to realize:

~that I am scared to death of being in love... and getting hurt

~ that i have more energy and motivation to clean my house first thing in the morning... on days I have to go to work

So yea.. thats it.. MY realizations for this week! :-)  

Please send me YOUR realization for the post next Friday!!

Funny of the day: (need to make you smile) 

My daughter and I had a cute convo this morning.. 

Her: Mom I want to see my daddy

Me: Well your daddy is working

Her: I want to take him some cookies

Me: Well I'll jump right on that...  (being sarcastic)

Her: Mommy NO!! don't jump on my daddy's cookies!! 

Gotta love her! 

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