Friday, July 2, 2010

Realization Friday

I've come to realize: 

~ that i can't save everyone. the people i love will be sad, hurt, scared, and self-destructive. and there's nothing i can do to change that :-(

~ that i have the attention span of a.... wait what was i talking about? 

~ if I am being pulled in too many different directions... I tend to just shut down

~ people have opinions but you are the one in control of what you want and need

~ that a night of good sex makes everything that was a problem or an issue a lot easier to deal with

~  ex's are an ex for a reason... but sometimes people do grow and change and an ex and become a now

If you would like to submit your realizations for next friday's post, please email them to me at  Everything is kept confidential and emails are deleted once the realizations have been posted. 

God Bless