Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flat Stanley

My son had a project for school called Flat Stanley.  They mailed a letter and Flat Stanley to a Grandparent or other family/friend  of each of the kids in the classroom. The Grandparent then took Flat Stanley around with them for a week... capturing everything on camera and then write a letter and send him back to the school with the letter and pictures.  I thought this was really cute. So I wanted to share this with everyone. 
The letter from my son: 

Said this: (in his own words/writing etc) 
Dear grandma, 
I am sending my flat stanley to you Plese take him with you when you go places. If you can take picutres of staley when you go places together. Plese write me a Leter about stanley's visit. After his one week visit, plese return stanly to me at shool. have fun. yore friend, peyton

This is what my mom sent back: 

Saying this: 
Dear Peyton, 
It has been my great pleasure to have your friend, Flat Stanley, visit with us this week. 
Its been a whirlwind kind of week. We wanted to show Flat Stanley so many things that we do as a family. I have included some pictures I took of Stanley and us and places we went. Stanley was a little shy at first, but he quickly got over that. 
How that boy eats! Om my gosh! Grampy and I took him out to a restaurant and he wanted to order everything from the adult menu. We had to explain to him that they have a menu made especially for boys his age. So he ordered spaghetti and we quickly found out that it was his favorite food. We also took him grocery shopping. Now I know he's been to a grocery store before, but really, he wanted everything!
He loves to play basketball and did so with you when you came to visit us too. I took him to work at the Wal-Mart bakery one day, but he go so excited with all the cakes, breads and whatnot, that I had to take him back to the lunchroom and home; too much sugar, I think.
He did not have any problems sleeping and I let him sleep in your bed when you come to spend the night. He rode your sisters tricycle, watched some television, helped me bake cookies, played basketball, read a book, helped me pick out flower plants for my garden, sat in your old high chair for meals, rode a tricycle, played games on my computer and helped Grampy work in his wood-finishing shop. All in all, he said he had a wonderful-good time, and I know we really enjoyed having him visit. He is more than welcome to come and visit again. and soon, I hope. Next time, can you come along too? 
I love you Peyton. Thank you very, very much for giving me the privilege and the honor and trust to have your friend Flat Stanley, come to our house to visit.
I love you a whole big bunch