Saturday, May 1, 2010

Redid my baby boys room!!

So my baby boy is all about army and camo and all that... He told me when he growns up he wants to be a sniper in the army.. tho he doesnt want to kill anyone. So for his 8th bday I decided one of the gifts I was going to give him was to redo his room... Its been the same since we moved in 4yrs ago... 
Spiderman/Batman Theme:

I started by taping everything off. (tho I still got paint in places it wasnt supposed to be)

Then I painted all of the edges... and of course had to do my own little design :-)

The base coat. I think it covered pretty good. It was a primer and paint in one by Behr

The next coat I used was by Glidden (it was cheaper) it was Aztec Gold. I just used an old wash rag. Dipped it into the paint and "patted" the walls with it. 

Then I added the 3rd coat which again was Glidden in Truely Olive. I did the same technique with the old wash rag.

I had bought him a camo comforter from Walmart which he loves.. He said it was sooo soft! 

The curtains were actually an indoor tent set that he had got from his Grandma Barb for Christmas. We never could get the "tent" figured out... so I reused them for curtains! 

Over all I love the new look. It was all really simple to do. The paint dryed really quickly. I started painting about 1130/1200... took a break for a snack at 130.. then had to go to his baseball practice for an hour and half. But I had the whole room painted by 5pm.  and put back together and cleaned an hour later. 

He loved his suprise! (well he knew i was gonna do it.. just not when!)