Monday, May 10, 2010

thinking bout being a foster/adoptive parent

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This is something that I have really been thinking about for awhile now... 

I am really thinking about becoming a foster parent or adopting a baby/child... 

I feel like the the Lord has a bigger plan for me.. and I am not really sure what it is or what it involves..but I do feel like I am bound for more than just what I am doing right now... and I have felt this desire for at least 5 years now to become at least a foster parent. 

I know it would be taking on a lot of responsibility.. I am a single parent.. I work full time...  and I am not even sure I would "qualify" to be even a foster parent or an adoptive parent. 
But there are people out there that do it. That take on and handle a lot more than I do. So I know I could handle it.. I might have melt-downs once in a while.. but I am strong... and I feel like I have a lot of love to give..  

I just see so many kids in bad situations.. hear about kids who's parents beat them.. who neglected them... who were molested.. etc... and I dunno how  exactly I could help them except I do know I could love them... and show them what a devoted, loving mother can be. 

I don't even know if its a possibility financially or not...  and I wouldn't even know where to start the process at... but it is definitely something I have in my mind and on my heart right now that I may want to do... but you know me.. I will think about it way too much! lol.