Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Work Out

I have decided to start doing sit ups every night (well about every night anyway) to try and get my tummy toned up a lil bit more. Now I am not trying to get super fit. I am not saying I need to lose weight. and I am not saying that I look bad. But I would like to try and improve my tummy. I have had 2 kids and have tons of stretch marks and sagging skin. I dont know if doing sit ups will help with the lower tummy area... but I figured I will give it a try and see what happens... and it cant hurt anyway! lol.

So I started this last Wed. 4/29
Heres the pics of my tummy:

Before these pics, I did 50 sit ups and 50 double leg lifts.  I slacked the rest of the weekend. Finally Monday night I had the motivation again to do 50 and 50 more.  But didnt get any pics  I plan on doing it again tonite and def. will get more pics.   
I didnt take any measurements or anything like that. I am just want to get toned up some.  
So we will see what happens. 

You can go here to find out about ab exersises :