Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visit to my Gyno

Dont freak out!! theres no pics... and not a lot of intimate details.. lol. 

I went for a visit with my Gyno yesterday... And maybe I am weird but I love my gyno. Hes awesome!  
I have been going to him since I was 13. The only times that I didn't to him is when I was prego with my both of my kids... and only because he doesn't do that delivering babies thing anymore. 

My appointment was at 215...I think I finally got in to see him about 245. Thats been the norm. for the last couple visits I have had.. He cut his work hours down to only a couple days a week, so he has to squeeze more in during that time. :-( 

I go in.. get weighed.. I weigh exactly what I did the last time i was there... July 2009!    BP was good and I gave a urine sample because I believe I have a UTI. (I get them all the time) 
The nurse takes me in the room... tells me to take everything off from the waste down and get on the table.. theres a cloth there to cover with... well it more like a large paper covered in a fuzzy type paper material.  So no more than 2 seconds after I get up on the table the doc knocks and asks if I am ready... boy I am glad I am quick at getting undressed! lol. He looks over my chart and  makes a comment on my weight "what dont you eat anything?" lol. if he only knew what all I ate!! 
He asks me why I came in and I tell him because I think I have a UTI and I think I felt a lump in my breast. So he pulls my shirt up... and looks at me.. he asks me if I was once very over weight because of all my stretch marks.. I tell him no.. Ive had two kids... He said yea.. that will happen! lol.  He felt around.. everything was  cool.. what a relief to me!! *phew* then he had me put my feet in the stirups and  got the wonderful silver "spreader" out and checked me... said I had a vaginal infection... and thats probably why I have a UTI. That I need to drink more water... lots and lots of water... told me to get dressed and meet him in his office...  I was in the room for maybe a total of 10 min. lol.  
So I dress.. and go in his office.. He gives me 2 scripts.. and refils incase it happens again. 
And told me to come back in July for my PAP.  

tmi? lol.