Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My wonderful weekend!

Well first off... I realized Saturday morning, laying in bed with my boyfriend... I forgot my Realization Friday post! but then I didn't get any realizations in... so I guess its all right... If you want to submit your realizations just finish the sentence : Ive come to realize _______________. and email it to overthinkingmama@gmail.com 

This was a great weekend... probably one of the best I have had in a few weeks.  
My BF came up Friday afternoon. We went down to visit his friends and for me to pick out my puppy. I can't wait!! :-)  We get our puppies in 2 weeks!  They are all so so cute, I wanted them all. It was a lil hard to tell them all apart tho.. but my BF picked the girl and I got the twin! :-)  It will be interested bringing them home and seeing how well my Bella does with them... (Bella's a chihuahua)   We hung out with his friend and eventually girlfriend (she worked part of the night) till probably midnight. It was nice to hang  out with them, have a few beers and just chill. The kids loved being able to run around and act crazy most of the night too! Especially with the dogs and puppies running around after them.  

my  son drew this pic of my BF on our way down to BF's friends. lol. 

Saturday was the start of the busy busy busy weekend. We slept in a lil bit.. till probably 930/1000ish.  Then BF got to work on the area for my fire-pit patio.. He cut the wood and got that all taken care off and then used his weed eater to get rid of all the grass. While he was doing that... since I really hate just sitting around watching someone work.. I mowed the front and back yard.  2pm came quick and we had to get showered and get Lil Man to his baseball game.. He did so good. I was so proud.  After the game Lil Man went with his dad for the weekend so it was just me, the BF and the girls.  We went to Bulk N Bushel and picked up a ton of riverbed rocks.. It was only $30!  Then to Home Depot to pick up a few more supplies.  Then back home. I ran out and got chicken for us for dinner...  then the BF worked some more on the patio.. Im not really sure what I did at that moment..(oh yea.. i remember now! lol. I put down newspaper to prevent weeds from popping thru the rocks) . About 9pm we called it quits and went and sat out on my front swing and snuggled and had a drink. 

Sunday was another fun filled day! We tried to wake up early enough for church... and I did.. but apparently I fell back asleep till we only had a half hour to get ready.. and that wasn't enough.. so we went and started working on the rest of the patio... getting that ton of rocks from the truck into wheelbarrows and then dumped into the patio area. When it was all done... It looked so nice. Then my BF decided he wanted to redo my deck railing/fence that me and my ex had put up 4years ago... it was def. a ghetto job that I had done.. but at the time.. I didnt know better..  Once we got all the old stuff down we showered, went to home depot and then off to my moms for dinner. It was really nice hanging out over there and just relaxing some.  We came home around 930 and decided just to relax out on the swing and have a drink. (I love my swing) 

Monday we were up bright and early again.. before 9am!  My BF went straight away to trying to get the fence all figured out and I decided to fry us up some bacon my Mom had picked up for us from Amish Country. While I was at it I figured I would make some monkey bread too. And OMG! that was sooo friggin good.. The kids loved it... I can't stop eating it... I can't wait to make more!! and it was soooooo easy!!! After I was done with all that... and cleaning everything up...  I started on cleaning my garage... because once again, I hate just standing around watching someone else work.  The BF did a great job with my deck railing/fence... its so much more sturdy that ever... We/He got most of it finished... just a small section left to do.  We had to stop and clean up because we needed to go and get Lil Man from his dads and also it looked like it was about to rain... which it did!! We had a great Thunderstorm!!!  After we got Lil Man we ate some dinner and relaxed the rest of the night... well I cleaned up some and did some laundry and got Baby girl a bath... but then I relaxed and finally went to bed.  ( I will have a post about the back yard projects when the fence is all done!) 

It was a busy but awesome weekend!!! 

How was your Memorial Day weekend??