Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday... It will be a better day!

I went to bed... and woke up this morning saying that I am not going to let myself be in a crappy mood again today... 3 days in a row is enough... so that is my plan for today... and the rest of the week.. lol.  

I finally had the contractors come in today and they are getting started on my house as we speak...  I am super excited about this!  They said that they will have it all done in about 2 1/2 days!! so by this'll be all done!! Yay!! 

Last night... My baby boy had his musical performance.. he did great!! He was adorable up there singing (when he wanted to) and dancing and what not.. I got it all on video and great shots of the guy with the stupid baseball hate that was sitting in front of me that had to keep leaning to the side to whisper sweet nothings into his wife's/girlfriends ear...  but its all good... There will be a post later this week about that... 

My baby boy also has a baseball game tonite! I am excited.. I am glad the weather here is finally semi-decently nice... Maybe tonite I wont sit out there and freeze!! 

I went Monday and seen what kind of gravel that I want for my back yard/fire pit area... So I just now need to get up there and get it ordered so I can get that one project finished! 

As you can see I am in a better mood today! Praise God for that!  Thank you everyone for your concerns, prayers, and happy thoughts that you sent this way!  Last night watching my baby boy up there singing and everything... just kinda put things into a different perspective for me... I need to focus on the good in my life.. not on the things that ain't so good...  The good Lord has truely blessed me with a lot of things... and even tho things may not be exactly what I had hoped for or had wanted my whole life...  its not that bad.. its all a life lesson.. and I will be a better person for everything that I am going thru.   Thing will be alright!! 

Happy Hump Day!