Thursday, May 6, 2010

Conversations with coworkers

I have one coworker here that I have the funniest.. craziest convos with. I have to laugh most of the time thinking back... He has a magnetic attraction.. I swear he attracts the craziest people Ive told him so many time that he needs to really write his own blog of things that happen to him.. because I swear... they only happen to HIM!

He was asking me yesterday what was up with people putting memorials on the back of their car windows.. That he has never seen this anywhere...
Lol. this is something that is around here... I see it all the time.. no big deal.. Well apparently my lil city is original for this.. at least according to my coworker! lol.

So I told him yea.. we do that instead of burring our dead.. we put the memorial on the back window and just stick the dead person in the trunk.

He seen another one today.. on the back of the pick up truck. actually there were two.. on on the left side of the back window and one on the right...  He was then asking me if I thought the people died together and thats why both names are on there... or if maybe the one died and they got the other person in expectancy of them passing on? You know like just the name and date of birth? lol.