Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my bff's cat

When he told me this story.... I couldn't stop laughing!  

His cat has feline herpes. The medicine that its on gives it very bad diarrhea... 

Well the other day as he was sitting in his room... where the kitty litter box is... the cat came in... and squatted... and proceed to poop...  now if anyone has ever watched a cat poop.. you have seen that their butts don't normally point down ward when they poop.. it just sticks straight out and then the "solid" poop falls in to the litter box due to gravity...  Well this would normally work with diarrhea too... except if its projectile diarrhea. Which of course this cat had.  
My bff sat there... and watched the cat... walk into the litter box... squatted with its butt/back facing the wall... looking at my bff... and proceeded to poop... shooting it onto the wall... and down behind the litter box onto the floor...  then did the lil kitty thing and scooped/swatted/dug and threw the litter over top of its poop nothing and walked out the litter box...looked at my bff.. and walked out the room.  Leaving my bff a wonderful mess to clean up... 

my bff loves his kitty.