Thursday, May 27, 2010

you just didnt know this about me...

I'm different... 
I tell everyone that. 
I am unlike anyone else you will ever meet! :-) 

this is why: 

I put important documents in my freezer... because its fire poof

My dishwasher doesn't work. So I put snacks and cereal and stuff in it instead.  Its great for storage and the kids can reach it.

I sleep with a goose down comforter ALL year long.

I have to have caps on my pens or I don't right pretty.

I like things to look "pretty" 

I have to put my under ware and pants on first before my tops.

I put my car keys on my lunch or whatever in the fridge so I wont forget to take it to work or home. 

Once I get something to do in my head (tattoo, piercing, fixing something, rearranging, etc.) its hard to stop thinking about it and I NORMALLY will have it completed with in a short period of time

According to my BFF- I'm the only girl she knows who hair fades when I color it black (like w/in 3 weeks) 

I have an obsession with plastic storage bags:
Gallon size- I use for 
~mismatched socks- 1bag per person
~game pieces
~toiletries with I travel
~scissors for crafting
~crayons, markers, pencils (all separated in their own bag) 
~play dough

Snack/Sandwich size
~I ration out individual snacks (pretzels, chips, chex mix)
~paper clips

My TV doesn't have a built in tuner and I don't have cable or satellite service- so we only watch movies.