Friday, May 14, 2010


It seems to be a dying "art" for lack of a better word. Especially among our youth. 
Now I know I am far from being old and I still for the most part feel very young.. like a child at times... (I am 28) But I am seeing a sadening trend with our youth (and even with their parents) there is NO RESPECT. 

No respect for others, other property, others feelings nor at times no respect for themselves! 

It boggles my mind and makes me very very very sad. 

I admit.. my kids lack manners sometimes...  and my son can be disrespectful to me and his grandparents... I am not saying I am perfect either...  but just the way some people act... boggles me. 

I am working with my kids to remember to say please, thank you, yes, no, not to interupt a conversation etc... all considered "manners" but I think it also has to do with respect.  Respect of the person they are talking to or wanting to talk to and respect for themselves. 

Then I seen at the mall the other day... this mother and daughter shopping.. I thought it was great. The little girl was probably around 9 years old or so...  and the little girl slipped and spilled her drink all over the floor and herself... The mom got furious.  Told her daughter that she needed to be more f*in careful. She needed to f*in watch where she was walking. She shouldnt of had the drink in the first f*in place... etc.. etc. etc.. you get the idea.  The little girl just stood there.. trying not to cry... just staring at her mom... 

I am sitting there thinking how awful it is... I mean I understand that is just normal for some people... but how is that little girl supposed to learn how to treat other people if her own mother doesnt even have enough respect for her to not swear up and down at her... and to do it out in public.  Its belittling to a child to be cursed at I believe... but maybe that is just because I wasn't brought up that way.. and if its the "norm" than I guess thats what they are used to... 
But how can we as adults expect any better from our children than what we show them.  I know I am not perfect... I mess up at times.. but if there is something that I do consistantly that I dont want my kids to do... what kind of message does that send to them.  
I mean I understand the whole do as I say .. not as I do concept... and that we expect better from our kids...   but how can we really expect them to be better from us... when they dont see any better?  

I know I am also bad for this... I drink in front of my kids.. (not regularly.. and not to the point where I cant funtion either...) I am in a relationship and we do have sex... I obviously have had sex before marriage (got 2 kids) and I am divorsed... I do curse from time to time. .  And these are things that my kids see me doing.. that I do hope better from them in ... and I am sure it will all be throw back in my face when they are older and being punished for doing these things... or when I give them my opionion that they can do better...  but I am also going to understand that I have done them... and thats what they have seen.  

Another time I heard a mother call her sons friend a little bitch... right to her son.  

Or I heard a child curse and swear to a store clerk for something.. and the mom just laughed about it and walked away.  

I guess I just dont get it.  How are our children.. the youth of tomorrow supposed to see how to respect others... to live good... and be proud of who they are.. if we as their parents can't show it to them?