Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Completed House!!!

Well... my house is done!! yay!!! I am so so super excited!!! You have no idea.. for the first time probably since I moved in and everything was "new" I love my house!!!  
Click here to see the pictures of what happened.

Here's some pics of everything! 

They moved furniture... and are tearing up my "old" floor in hallway and family room:

My room with all the stuff from the rest of the house. ugh:

more of the family being torn up:

my bathroom floor all up:

laundry room floor all up:

kitchen floor all up

and the family room floor all up... yea.. theres a fridge in there... a deep sink.. oh and my washer and dryer...

they let my Bella run around... but she had her favorite spot.. lol. on Steve's back!

fixing a few other odds and end around my house for me :-) 

My bathroom floor all done! 

Ronny's boots started coming apart... I suggested duct tape.. it worked perfectly haha.

they were perfectionists... had to get every little stuff up off the floor

And here the pics with my house put back together: 

My kitchen: 

Another of my kitchen

My laundry room: (and yes that is a big bag of hamster bedding lol ) 

My family room: 

and my bathroom:

Ronny and Steve with Artista Construction were great!  They took their time with everything... and even went out of their way to fix other "little" things around my house that was messed up. (door hinge, table top, toilet etc) 

I would definitely recommend them to everyone and will have them back for any other repairs/remodeling that I need. 

I am just so happy that my house looks about brand new.. The wood floors give it a whole new feel. I love it. Its given me the motivation to start making other parts of my house look better! No more ghetto rigged redneck way of life for me... well at least till I can't do something and duct tape and screws seem to work! lol.