Wednesday, September 1, 2010

school update

Well its been one full week for me and kiddos to be in school.. So far so good. 
Baby girl really likes her school. She seems to have started talking a whole lot more... like pretty much non-stop.  But its great! I drop her off in the morning and she happy and not at all upset that I am leaving her there. That is so nice and so much different than I experienced with Lil Man.
I am really hoping this is going to be a great year for Lil Man. He loves his teacher! He was talking about his teacher all summer long and hoped he got him and he did. The teacher so far seems amazing.. and hopefully just what lil man needs. 
School for me is going pretty good.. I really am enjoying it so far.. and am pretty much on top of everything. Even got my first paper back and got an A!! yay!! 

So lets hope this year for all of us goes amazing!! 

God Bless

Happy Wednesday! 

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