Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor day weekend... not long enough

Well... It may as well be Monday... in my head it is anyway...

OYE!! I really should have stayed in bed this morning.   
I came into work today... and started my usual routine... 
1- sign into my computer
2- get email program up... click send/rec. mail
3- go make coffee
4-go back and check emails
5- get cup of coffee
6- twitter/facebook/email/blog etc... 

Well... step no. 3 didn't go quite as I planned...  When I went back in to our little kitchen to get me a cup of coffee because its been a long long morning already and i needed to wake up... and what did I find??!! ugh.  I forgot to put the pot on the burner under the filter bucket when I made the coffee this morning... and there on the lovely floor of my work kitchen was the contents of an entire pot of coffee... oye... 2 rolls of paper towels, a coffee soaked sleeve, and 23 wet sugar packets later... it was all cleaned up and I attempted to make pot number 2... all went as it should...  

And to make this all better... my daughter came to work with me today... and got to Mommy at her finest!!!  *oye*

baby girl... looking all grown
My weekend was really great!! My love came up Friday. His daughter went with her mom for the weekend and my kids were with my mom for a few hours, so we decided to go have a couple drinks with my friends for a bit.. It was nice to hang out with them.  My kids got home and we some how played hide n seek... (i was the best hider- i fit in to all the oddest spaces!!) After hide n seek, we decided to take the puppies for a walk... at 10pm.. but it was really nice... I need to get Edward used to walking on a leash ugh. 
Saturday Lil Man went with his dad for the weekend and me and baby girl and the boyfriend all just kinda layed around all day...  I know we did something... but I can't think of what it was now.  My mom was really nice and watched baby girl for me for a few hours... My and the boyfriend went out to dinner and then over to a friend of mine's mom's house for a party. It was a lot of fun.  I got to hang out some with people I haven't seen in a while... tho it was a awkward because the people I know were busy talking with other people or running around from person to person... so me and the boyfriend just sat there with each other... watching everyone... that was interesting tho.. I love to people watch! 
After that party we went up to the bar/bowling alley because my friend was working... So we stopped and had a drink with her and her husband.  I think this was the first time I have been out in a few months... It was kinda nice, and definitely well needed.  
Sunday we got started on the 1st gate for my backyard. It was to finish off the fence my boyfriend put up for me in May.  It took all weekend to get it done and just the way he liked (he's a perfectionist)... but it looks great!! I was gonna take a picture of it this morning and i forgot. ugh.  
Monday, he worked on that again while I cleaned up the house some and did laundry. 
He really didn't want to go home Sunday night, so him and his daughter decided to stay one more night and leave early this morning... so that is what that did, and I really am so happy they did. I wasn't ready to part yet...  I need to try and find away to convince him to stay here forever. *insert evil laugh*   but I know that really ain't possible because his daughter is in school and he has responsibilities at his house... but its nice to wish. 

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