Friday, September 24, 2010

Realization Friday

Well its finally Friday… and that means its time for Realizations of the week.. AND I actually had some sent into me!! YAY!!!  
Make sure you send yours in next week

Ive Come to Realize:

~ that I am totally losing my mind… and my hair

~ that its not worth the argument, but I am not a stepping stone either.

~ that if I go blind someday, I want to enjoy my family now and see as much of everything as I can

~ that staying up late, then hoping for a nap the next day- well the nap never seems to happen

~ that I need to focus moer on God than anything else

~ that theres no point in worrying over something I have no control over

~ that my kids aint ready to let me go to school

~ that there will always be someone and sometimes someone close that will judge me

~ that I may not be the best mom in the world and I may have no clue sometimes but that does not mean I am a bad mom

~ that if I have a really great day- the next will totally suck

~ I don’t understand why something happen, but I know God is good

~ I am sick and tired of being lonely.

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