Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday... again??!! ugh

Well somehow it became Monday again.  
I really didn’t want to come to work today.. and once getting there.. I realized why. Issues with customers/shipments, coworkers sick/leaving. OYE. I just want to go home and go to bed.  
Yesterday we ended up sleeping till 2pm!! How the hex does that happen? For once the kids actually let us sleep… but till 2!!!  I woke up and almost jumped out of bed. I’ve never slept that long unless I knowingly did so!!  And even last night I crashed. I felt like crap.. so I guess that was part of it.. My body trying get rid of whatever it is that is making me feel all icky… and probably life is catching up with me… 6hrs of sleep a night… work. School. Mommy. Life.  Fun Fun.
I am really still not feeling all that great… I have been debating all day about not going to my English class tonite. I hate to miss, but I need a night to relax. Maybe get a movie and watch it with the kiddos. I know they will like that. They miss me so much when I am at school.   I have an paper due tonite thou.. but I might be able to email it to the teacher with everything that I need.. I dunno.  That choice is still up in the air. 
One thing I have to promise myself tho… if I skip class tonite, I must relax. Period. 

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