Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear YOU: Day 2

Day 2- Letter to your Crush

Dear Brian.
It’s only been 8 months since we first met. We have had our ups and down.. and I am sure we will have our fair share more… but we’ve made it through.  And that is what matters. I still consider you my crush even though you are my boyfriend. You are the only man I have eyes forJ.  You have shown me a love that no other man has ever even come close to.  You make my heart skip a beat and take my breath away when I am around you- literally lol. J  I love you more than I have loved any other man, it scares me at times. It scares to me love someone this much… meaning I am opening myself up for hurt… but if I am not open than how can I love fully?  When you look in my eyes, my heart feels so full, I feel whole.  You have made me feel things I have never thought possible.  The time we have spent “living” together over the summer really was wonderful. I felt like we grew so much closer together. It was nice coming home to someone’s arms after a long hard day at work. To have someone help me with the house, the kids, and with life. Its hard not having that anymore and not having you here by my side daily. But I look forward to the weekends and the time that we do get to share.  I never realized how hard being away from someone you love is until now.    I cherish the talks that we have and the intimate moments we share together.  You were an answer to a prayer, exactly what I needed. I am so glad that we met.. I know we were meant to. I am even more glad that I have you in my life. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us.

I love you baby.

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