Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Goal/Plan/Life

I realized that walking down the path of life… I have strayed many many times off the correct, direct path that the Lord has set out for me…  Amazing I have always found my way back. I think because my heart has never fully left the Lord.   
I have set up a new plan of action or goals or whatever you want to call it, to help me stay on the right path.
I struggle day to day with depression and over whelming tiredness. Some days are great.. I feel on top of the world.. others, well its more like I am dragging to keep going.  
Flat out. I am tried of it.  I am tired of being tired!! Period.
So I am going to try and make myself better.
I have started taking vitamins. A multi-vitamin every night before bed and then 1-2 B12’s thru out the day as I feel are needed.  
I have started getting up a tad bit earlier and doing Christian based Yoga.  Which I am having a hard time on finding videos for that…  So in the mean time I think I am going to try and make my own routine to do each morning.  A mixture of Yoga poses, meditation, and prayer. I am also going to be memorizing one scripture a week.   When I am having a bad day, feeling down, or whatnot- I am going to focus on that scripture and meditate on it.  I am re-aligning my focus on God.  And I am also going to try and take better care of my teeth. I noticed last week a build up of plaque on my lower teeth. And one thing I hate is jacked up teeth. So, I have been brushing every morning like I always have, but also adding in before bed and at least once during the day. Also, I am flossing… something I have never really done before.  
So I am hoping with these few things…I will be happier, healthier, and have more energy thru out the day!  

Wish me luck!

God Bless~
Overthinking Mama

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