Monday, September 13, 2010


I was debating whether or not to do a post about this... I had decided not to on Friday, but after reading some other blogs, I decided that I will.  Its a little late... but here's my memory of 9/11/01

I remember being at home. I was 19 and living with my parents still. I had gotten up early that day. I had so much on my mind. Well, really only one main thing on my mind.  I was up showered and dressed earlier than normal.  
The phone rang. It was my mom.  She said something about a plane hitting the twin towers in NY. They think its terrorists. I figured she was just over doing it and didn't really pay much attention to what she was saying. I had more important things on my mind.  She told me to stay home. I didn't listen.  I had plans. Important plans. Plans that couldn't wait.  So I left. 
I headed up to the hospital.  I signed in for a blood test. I sat in the waiting room/lobby for a bit. The news was on. They were talking about the plane crashes. A second plane. And a third. I didn't hardly pay attention to what they were saying. My mind was set on waiting to hear my name called... then it was. They took only one tube of blood from me.  I felt a little faint when the needle went into my skin and hit the purple vein.  Watching the tube fill up with a dark red smooth liquid made me more and more nervous.  When I was done, I drove home to wait.  3pm. I could call for the results then.  I would be getting ready for work. I wouldn't forget to call though. 
When I got home my mom was there waiting for me. She was almost frantic. She asked me where I went. I told her just down to the store. She didn't question me, but said we needed to get up to the gas station and fill up our tanks. Who knows whats going to happen and we may need that gas.  We got there before the mad rush, filled up and went home.  I honestly don't remember too much else that happened. I was focused on that phone call.  
3 o clock finally came... I made the call.  Positive. I called up my high school sweet heart to tell him what we thought was true. I was pregnant.  The first thought- how do we tell our parents.  Still not focused on the day or the events. It was still about us.  
We had received a call from our job that we didn't have work that day and they would call us regarding the following day in the morning. We were very happy about that.  
My mom decided we should go out to dinner. Amazingly there was a restaurant open..Chi Chi's. We sat across from my mom and my step dad, still so nervous.  How do I tell her? How will she take it?  We made chit chat. And then she made a comment, that she couldn't wait to be a Grandmother.  I still didn't tell her for another few days. 

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