Thursday, June 3, 2010

Name that Puppy

I will be gettin this cute little puppy in one week We are still trying to figure out names so I thought why not have a contest for suggestions on puppy names.
**** I forgot to include originally. lol.  ITS A BOY!
Contest rules:
1- leave me a comment with a suggestion for a puppy name
2- only on suggestion per comment
3- you can comment as much as you would like
4- you must be a follower on either my blog or on twitter

The  winner will recieve a $5 gift card to McDonalds

If there isn't a name suggested that we like I will take all the comments and write your names on slips of paper... and let one of my kids pick out the winner from a hat :-)

I will announce the winner on the 14th of June via a blog post and on twitter. You will have 24hrs to email me your info (or put ur email addy in your comment and I can email you if you win to get your info).

um.... thats all I can think of right now... lol

Good Luck!!!