Friday, June 25, 2010

Realization Friday

I actually had a pretty decent turn out of realizations this week!! Thank you all so much that sent them in!!!  This is why I love doing these posts... Keep them coming!! 


~ that growning up or old is no fun and it an hurt

~ the heart doesnt always want whats best

~ I am tired of selfish people

~ if you wait to long to have the time to enjoy something, when the times comes you might not have the motivation or energy to enjoy it

~ that I may not be worth it to one person... but I am worth everything to the right person

~ my right boob is a half a cup size bigger than my left boob *tear* and I just figure it out today

~ive should hae spent more time enjoying my children instead of trying to better our future

~ that tomorrow isnt guarenteed. you may not have the money, the people, or the things that you do today... so make sure you enjoy today to the fullest and dont put off good things till the next day. 

~ that real life is far from the "fairy tale" that movies make it out to be...  there isn't always going to be a prince charming to sweep you off your feet.. 

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God Bless!!