Monday, June 14, 2010

We got the puppy!!

It was a pretty good weekend. We went Saturday morning and picked up my puppy! I was so excited!! And I know the kids were too!!  He was so adorable! 
The 45 min car ride how... was.... fun... tho I suppose it all depends on your definition of fun. lol. 
My puppy sat on my lap the entire time.. much to the disappointment of my kids.  But I knew better than to let him sit back there with them.  As we were going down the road... my bf looks at me... and said he felt something warm... His puppy just peed... I started laughing at him... a few minutes later... my puppy peed on me...  His puppy cryed all the way home... my sat in my lap just as fine as can be... and then the tummy lurching started...  I grabbed the first thing I could son's shirt. and hurried and put it under the puppy's mouth.. and caught the throw up which was mostly just flem and spit/liquid.  This happened a few more times. 
Lil Man had a game at 2 so we hurried and dropped him off and promised to be back in just a few minutes, we had to go home and change.  So we rushed home and of course just as we pulled on to my street... my puppy decided to throw up all the days food... in my lap, on the seat, and in my hand. Lovely. At least we were pretty much home.  

Lil man did great at his game. I love watching him play. After the game we went up to the pet store and got some essentials... Food, Collars, Treats, Toys, etc.   Then we went home. Let miss Bella get aquainted with her new playmates and then we went off to dinner. 

After dinner we came home and let them out of the cage.. NO ACCIDENTS in the cage!! I was soooo happy!! They all went right out side and peed!  Then played..  Then played... then napped. They are really really good puppies!! I am so excited *knock on wood* 

We decided to go with Edward.  Some how (I know its silly) we had a Twilight theme going in our house... We started with Bella (chihuahua) which I got before I even knew what Twilight was. Then we got Jake/Jacob (the hamster) which my son named. So it seemed only right to go along with the theme... lol. tho Ive been made fun of everyone for this!  But his name is Edward.  I will do the contest tonite when I get home and post the results either tonite or first thing in the morning. 
Thank you everyone who submitted names for us!!! :-)