Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PINT- dont feel like it today

Sorry guys... 
I am not really in the mood to do the PINT today..  
I am very tired... and cold... and just zoned out...  I can't concentrate on anything.. 
This past week has pretty much been a week from hell. I am not going to go into details... but to say the least... a lot of stuff has happened... and its made me have to re-evaluate my future.... and I am at a cross-roads... whether to listen to my heart or to my head. 
and its a tug-o-war battle going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. 
To say the least... I am exhausted from it.. (more so than normal) 

I feel like complaining about the dang-on a/c at my job!!! 

It always set of frost bite. I am sitting here today freezing as I always am, tho this morning I honestly didn't think I would be.... why? because I decided today (summer time remember) to wear a long sleeve black top... a hot pink tank underneith... and jeans... and flip flops (maybe this is where I made my mistake) And guess what?! I am still freaking cold!!! WTH!!  
So I put a sweater on!!  
Come On Now People!!! its summer... i get that... i get we need the a/c on in here...  but really?? do we need it so cold that I have to wear a sweater over a long sleeve shirt??!!!  And maybe if it was only in the summer that it was too cold in here, I could deal a lil bit better ( not much but maybe a lil bit) but even in the winter time... its just as freaking cold!! So cold that I have to have a little space heater going at all times... I really don't want to break out the space heater in the middle of summer... thats just odd... and crazy... and as much as I dont mind being the odd crazy chic of the office... I really don't want to be "That" odd crazy chic!  So please.. just turn it up some... or hell.. here's an idea... dress like its summer and not wear sweaters, long sleeve shirts, jackets, and all that to work every single day... (esp if you are warm blooded anyway)  

ps. I think I might color my hair black tonite... I need a change... and its either that... or I am cutting it.