Friday, June 11, 2010

I Love You

I love you. 

three simple little words that we take for granted more often than not.

Why is saying I love you so hard to say?  Especially when you are upset with someone? 

I was brought up that when you leave from someone (going to store, work, gym, etc) you always say I love you. 
Or when you get off the phone especially for the night... you say I love you. 

I was brought up that you tell the people in your life that you love them when parting ways because you don't know if you will get that other chance to tell them again.  Once you part ways... can you guarentee that you will be able to remind that person you love so much... that you do indeed love them?  

Its like saying bye, cya later, adios, etc. when getting off the phone or leaving someone... would you just walk away ... and not say anything? 

Ive watched a lot of my friends that are in relationships do this...  their bf/gf run to the store.. or to a friends... and they say bye.. and walk off... no kiss.. no hug... no i love you.  
Or they are on the phone with their gf/bf and get off the phone and just say bye. No I love you's spoken.  
I don't get it.  I couldnt imagine going thru my day with out telling my bf that I love him. Period. I know he knows that I do. And I know that he loves me. But its still good to hear it.  Three simple words that have so much meaning I LOVE YOU.  

Am I odd for thinking like this... that it should be said when you part because it could be the last time you may be able to tell that person?