Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the weekend...

Sorry I was MIA yesterday… I have an Algebra test tonight and have been cramming in all the homework and quizzes that are due by tonight. It sucks. I am stressing out about this test… but hopefully it will all be ok. Lol.

My weekend was pretty good.  We had a wonderful huge snow storm on Friday. I made it into work but got stuck in the driveway to the parking lot to my job… while my coworker watched from inside. Lol.  I still haven’t heard the end of that!  Thankfully one of my greatest friends works for a towing service so I was able to call him and he got me unstuck!! I heart him!

I had a Scentsy Party Friday evening after work for a friend that is just starting with the company. It was a lot of fun. I almost forgot how great it was to hang out with other grown women!!  After all that and I dropped my son off… I realized, I was kidless for a night! So a friend and I went out to get a couple drinks.  Good times.

Saturday I did some running around, homework at the college, shopping with a friend and then out to dinner with another friend. J I really enjoyed dinner too and was sad to see the evening come to an end.  But I did get to go home to a beautiful lil girl and we both fell asleep watching movies… while my wonderful dog ate the heel off my good shoe… well not off off.. cuz I can still wear it, that leg is just slightly shorter than the other. J

Sunday I was pretty much lazy. My daughter father stopped by to see her. I did homework. It was good times.  

Yesterday my son had a book report project that he did at school.  They had to do it on a biography of a famous person, then yesterday they dressed up like that person and had a Wax Museum.  Then parents go to come in, push their button, and hear a lil bit about the person they got to. It was so cute!! J He was Rey Mysterio. Ill post pics tomorrow. J

Fun filled weekend J

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


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