Saturday, February 26, 2011

Comments n Replies 2/18-2/25 2011

As always I love your Friday posts. And I am hate snow as well.
By Oilfield Trash on Realization Friday at 8:38 AM
Thank you. I am starting to think you are one of my few fans of this. Lol. Fridays are normally my lowest stats. J  Glad you follow me!

Edward? That is my cat's name. Good looking pup.
By ib on Wordless Wednesdays-7 on 2/23/11
Thank you. He’s a big baby! Lol.

Wow... big difference! :) We had a boxer that grew like that, but we had to give him away. :( He was gorgeous and a great dog, but he was just too big for our little house...
By ~April~ on Wordless Wednesdays-7 on 2/23/11

He’s part boxer. And he’s not even a year yet. His brother and his daddy were both bigger than him J dunno if he’ll grow more or not..  I love him tho.

Aw, so cute!
By Nenette AM on Wordless Wednesdays-7 on 2/23/11

Thank you!!

aww i LOVE dogs!! Hes gotten so big but looks so lovable!
I know I can’t even remember when he was that small!! J  And he’s not even a year yet!!

Wow! Who's he kidding?
Lol. Ya know!?

Wow... some people amaze me.
By ~April~ on LOL- spam comment on 2/22/11
Sweetie. I know. Me too.

Being as this is a God Loving Blog, I will keep my profanties to myself. But I will say to Anon - This American Woman Thinks You Can Kiss My Ass. You obviously have no clue ! And just for the record, I don't believe any of my non-American women friends would want you either. It's called prejudice, bigotry, and stereotyping, and in this day and age those three things are no longer tolerated, you jerk.
By Scarlett on LOL- spam comment on 2/22/11
Perfectly said!! J

hahahaha woooooowwwwww. If he spams me I'll delete it haha. Thanks for sharing!! :)
By Adam and Wendy on LOL- spam comment on 2/22/11
Haha!! You are very welcome!

Yea that idiot has been going around leaving comments all the time. I did not publish his comment on my blog.
By Oilfield Trash on LOL- spam comment on 2/22/11
I thought It was too hilarious not to share!! J

I might have to join this protest.
Good Luck with that!

You gotta hand it to this guy, he's persistent. No matter how many people call him an idiot, he just keeps on on that soapbox of his. I still say he's still an idiot, though.
By Vinny C on LOL- spam comment on 2/22/11
Yeap. He’s still an idiot!

Can't think of a better way to spend the day... My wife would disagree, though. Oh, hi. I'm Vinny & I'll be your newest stalker, by the way.
By Vinny C on day off on 2/21/11
Id rather be reading… or cleaning.  But the kids like their video games.. as long as they are happy right?! 

That is the best way to spend a day off from school.
By Oilfield Trash on day off on 2/21/11
Its hard for me to just sit still… id rather be cleaning! Lol. but its hard to do that with 2 kids messing up right after ya. 

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