Monday, March 28, 2011

My weekend

This past weekend was amazing!!! This whole past week was amazing!!!
God continued to Rock my world this weekend!!! Seriously!!

Saturday night I went out to dinner with a friend and then to The Eternity Play that a church was putting on. A mutual friend of ours gave him the tickets. OMG!! The play was amazing!!  I showed Heaven and Hell… and how you need Jesus in your life. It was very emotional… I was crying!!  It was awesome. My friend and I both went and recommitted our lives to Jesus!!  

Sunday I went to church with my friend at a new church. It was a little farther than I normally would go.. but wow. The church was amazing. I love my church.. but this one I felt so comfortable at… mine I have always felt slightly awkward… maybe I felt so comfy because I had someone with me I dunno. But I think I am going to go back and see how the church is and everything… its was amazing!!  

A few down things happened this weekend… my dad got admitted into the hospital with conjestive heart failure and copd.  I was really worry about him on Saturday morning, but I set the worries at the foot of the Lord and he helped me not worry as much.. My dad is doing better and is in decent spirits. Hopefully will get to come home tomorrow.
My step mom is still in the physical reahab center and now has a high temperature. Not srue on all the details with her tho.
I am on a quest to buy a new tv since mine blew out on my 2 weeks ago… I had no idea just trying to buy a tv would be so difficult!!  I went to walmart on Friday night… they didn’t have ANY in stock. Went to Sam’s club on Sunday.. they had none that I wanted or could afford.  Then later Sunday night I went online to and say the perfect tv. And I could afford it. So I checked the in store availability and wahoo!! They had some in the store.. So went to the target by me.. and they didn’t have one… but the one in the next town over (about 15min away) had one and they would put it on hold for me… so ok… get over there… and it rang up $50 more… so I told them about the online price. They pretty much said sorry about your luck, we can’t do anything. We don’t honor the online pricing at our stores!!! Really??? Wth!! So I called the corp. customer service today… and pretty much got the same thing!!!  Wonderful customer service there Target!! Seriously!! You just lost a customer here!!  So I will probably be going to Walmart now to get my TV.

But honestly… even with the bad things going on… it was an amazing weekend because God was there with me thru it all!!!

Hope your weekends were great!!

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


  1. I am glad you had a great weekend.

  2. I love seeing God at work in your life, too! Is the church you have been attending one you attended before your divorce? I found the one I had attended with my ex-husband to be uncomfortable, so we changed churches, and I am much happier with where I am now.

  3. Passei para conhecer este espaço.
    Voltarei sempre que puder e se quiseres poderás também visitar-me.


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