Friday, March 25, 2011

Realization Friday

Its that mosty favoritest (is that a word?) time of the week.. Its Friday… and to makeit even better… Its realization Friday!!! Yay!!

This week I’ve come to realize:

~ That God is sooo sooo God!!!  Thank you Lord!!!

~ That I really suck at remember my realization for the week.. and I had some great ones!!

~  That boys say girls are confusing… yea.. well boys: you aint all that straight forward either… you are confusing too!!!

~ I have had two people now ask me if I was diabetic from different things I have said… maybe I should go to the doc and get checked out…

~ Seeing turkeys run in front of your car.. in the middle of the street… going 50… is a good thing (as long as you don’t hit them) it’s a sign from God that theres a Thanksgiving coming up… (and I don’t mean the holiday!)

~ It has been a really long time that I have been in this much of a great mood… Its kinda scarey… I am almost waiting for the other shoe to drop….

~ My focus has shifted more towards God!

~ I am a very emotional being…  my heart is in everything that I do…  and I get hurt super easily… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

~ I am starting to think that my dog… thinks he’s my man!!  Its hilarious. When he sees another man around me.. he gets all possessive.. not in a mean way.. but he’s always got a paw on me… or is giving me kisses or hugs…  its adorable.

~ I am such a procrastinator.. I have so much homework that I need to do by Tuesday!!  Ugh.

~ God has seriously blessed me with some of the greatest friends!!! 

~ That too many people in this world assume things… and end up wrong…  maybe instead of assuming something in the first place.. ask and find out the truth… then if you still don’t believe it.. then go ahead and assume… but ask first!

~ That people have too much free time and have too many insecurities… just because a man and woman are friends doesn’t mean that there is or ever will be anything more going on.

Thank you for following my blog.. and my crazy insane life and thoughts!!!  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful followers in my life!!! Thank you!!!!

I am planning on getting The Traveling Notebook out to the first person this weekend…  Tweet me or email me to remind me that I need to do that- my brain has seriously been lacking memory power lately!!  

Have a great weekend ya’ll!!

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


  1. Your Friday posts make me happy and make me think about me and my life.

  2. That's so funny about your dog! :) If anyone comes to my house, my dog will just grab one of his (abundant) toys and stare at the person until he/she takes the toy and throws it for him! He's so spoiled... ;)

  3. I had a turkey block my car once. I actually had to get out and move him from my path.


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