Thursday, March 24, 2011

God is in my life

I have seen the Lord working in my life this week… It’s been mind boggling to say the least…   I have always wanted to see the Lord.. and I a have moments where I feel his presence or where I see something that I can say yea… that was becaue of God… but this week seriously has blow me away…  

This past weekend I was given something that I have wanted for a while now…  but once I got it, it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. It made me realize that this isn’t my life.. This is God’s life and I need to live it for him and not for my selfish wants.  Sunday night/Monday morning while laying in bed I felt the Lord urging me to start a New Believer’s Bible Study group.    So I am now in the process of doing that.  I am scared.

This group is going to be great!!  For me and hopefully for everyone that comes!  I am scared to death.  I am scared to lead a group of people. I am scared of failure. I am scared period.  But I know this is something that I can and WILL do. I know the Lord is pushing me to get over my own insecurities.. my own walls that I have built up to do better for HIM.   I know this is where my Lord is wanting me to go.

So if anyone has any advice on doing this… books I should get… anything… I would really appreciate it because I am not really sure where to even start!!  J

I have seen and felt God so much this week… I am seriously still in awe over it.  He is working in my life… In ways I never would have thought. Showing so many things. For the first time ever I was able to do something that I never even thought about doing before.. and didn’t realize it till after I did it… with out God I wouldn’t be where I am now!!!  

Thank you Lord for all the blessing you have giving me… please continue to guide me and show me your presence in my life Lord… with out you I would be nothing.

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


  1. I have a similar story from last week, but I told you all about it in your letter! :0 Oh crap, I forgot to mail it!!! Sorry, I'll get it in the mail tomorrow morning. ;)

  2. Wow...goose bumps....You will do fine teaching since God has lead you to that path. Its a gift not everyone gets. Thank you for sharing!


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