Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 31- Day 4

This is going to be 3 posts in one!! J

Project 31
Wordless Wednesday
Update on Hair


For the Project 31: Day 4.  Style 31.  Post a pic of you in your favorite outfit.

So here it is… Well It’s not exactly my favorite outfit.. My fav outfit would be probably these jeans and a tank and some flipflops… but this is as good as I can do when is 4deg. Outside!!  
This shirt is by R23. I got it for Christmas from This is my all time favorite t-shirt! And I am not a big t-shirt girl… its either long sleeves or tanks 90% for me… but this one rocks!!!  The jeans are Refuge. I got them at Charlotte Russe a year ago. The zippers broke on them, but they fit sooooo good. And Charlotte Russe no longer carries this brand. So. I will wear these until I can’t. lol.
The boots I just got this year from Payless. They are Airwalks. Ain’t they cute?!   

Wordless Wednesday… yea well there pics… and a lot of words… you’ll live J
painted my nails for the first time... in a year!

My Hair:
Ugh. I dunno. I feel like I have a mullet… I’m gonna give it a week and see if I start to like it more… if not, than I may go cut some more off of it… hey it’ll grow back right?! J

So there ya have it… 3 posts in one!! Enjoy ya’ll J

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


  1. Your hair turned out cute...still looks amazing! I almost bought a shirt that looked just like that a few weeks ago while shopping with the hubby. They didn't have my size, but its really cute!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! It just made my day!

  3. Your hairs are pretty so fahgettaboudit. I have to ask this, please do not take offense. How do you wear jeans that are missing the zipper? Just curious. Dudes can't do that for obvious reasons.

  4. OT- Thank You! :-)
    TPT- Go to they have awesome clothes there in all sizes.. im sure you will find something you will love :-)
    Lauren- you are very welcome :-)
    ib- i wear really long shirts :-) its one of my things I always wear layers... and i always have a long tank under everything I wear... :-)


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