Friday, February 11, 2011

Realization Friday

Are you ready kids??  Its realization Friday!!!  

Thank you everyone who sent some in!!

~ I’ve come to realize that my hair is really long!

~ Sometimes, even though you try really hard to ignore something… sometimes you just can’t.

~ That it really stinks when a friend just stops talking to you for no reason at all… or at least none that you know of because they just stopped talking to you.

~ That after going to the gym, I so want to eat junk food.

~ The struggles and the down periods are just all part of life.

~ That I need to do some major house cleaning this weekend! oMg!!

~ That in my head when I say OMG… I am saying oh my gosh!! Lol.

~ That there are some people that I just don’t and some people I will never be as close to as I once was.

~ That the two chics in my class that I am friends with now.. are awesome!! I am so glad that I have made two new friend (since its hard for me to make friends) and they are awesome!!

~  I need to do some major changes in my life… mentally and physically.

~ That I don’t think I’ll have the “happily ever after” like I want… I just hope to have a “happily ever after”.

~ Ever time I plan ahead in my head and think about how something will be or is going to be, IT NEVER HAPPENS.  And I am always disappointed. L  I have the opposite of “future reading” If I see it in my head… IT wont Happen. Lol.

~ Not everyone is who you want them to be… hell most people are not who you want them to be.

I wanted to also take a minute and thank everyone!! All of my followers are great!! Thank you all for helping me through this week… Thank you for all the support and the love!!  You are the reason why I blog as much and as openly as I do.  Thank you!!! 

God Bless
Overthinking Mama 

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  1. And thank you for being you! Hope you have a great weekend!! :)


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