Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comments n Replies 2/14-2/17 2011

I like it! :) I've been slacking on my challenge... need to get on the ball!!
By ~April~ on Love of a Whisper on 2/17/11
   Thank you- I love that you can do your challenge…I am only inspired once in awhile to write poetry.
If I tried to force it- I would completely suck at it! lol.

I never really thought about going back to see if you responded to my comments, so that's a good idea. :) I'm a fan of poetry too, so I'll be looking forward to reading those posts! Hope you have a great weekend!!
By ~April~ on Randomness on 2/17/11
I love replying to comments and love when people reply to mine.. then I know that they actually do read
The comments. But sadly with blogger- you never know if someone has replied to a comment you post
So that’s why I figured I’d do a whole post- just replying to comments J  Hope you have a great weekend
Too!  And Ps. The poetry page is set up J

Very following you!
By Mommy Gator on Project 31- Day 6 on 2/17/11
Yay!! Thank you!!!

The one I like the most, and I was reminded of it this morning is: On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other round is sinking sand. Its too long though. I really don't lilke you getting another tat, if God wanted you to have tats, he'd have given you birth marks. He made you beautiful, with lovely skin.
By Anonymous on Randomness on 2/17/11
I know a lot of people don’t like tattoos’ and its not for everyone.  When I get them, I try and make sure a-
That they can be covered up for a job or what not… but anymore I want them to be something that can
Start a converstation with… maybe be able to show someone the love of Christ J

I like the second one for your tattoo. Looking forward to reading your poems.
By The Path Traveled on Randomness on 2/17/11

Thanks. I am still up in the air about it. My fav scripture is the first one. But this is something that is forever
Ya know… I got to make sure its perfect! Lol.  The poetry page is set up J

Well, she said everything I was going to say!! :) haha! :) I do like your outfit, I'm glad your stepmom's surgery went well, and sorry VDay wasn't what you expected, but...sounds like the rest of the day was fun getting to spend time with your son's class! :)

Haha!! Thank you!!! It was a great day. J

Wow! Love it. Following you here now too. Love the look of your blog. find me at
By Mommy Head on Wordless Wednesdays-6 on 2/16/11
I believe I am following you too! J  Thank you!! J

Tell little man he has to eat all the strained carrots before he can leave the table.

Haha… I don’t think he even like them as a baby!! Lol. Now he’ll definitely put up a fight!!

Ha, ha. Cute :)
By ~April~ on Wordless Wednesdays-6 on 2/16/11
Lol. thanks. He’s a goof!

I'm glad your step mom's surgery went well! I'll definitely be praying for her. I'm sorry your Valentine's weekend wasn't the greatest... but you looked really cute in your outfit! ;)
By ~April~ on My weekend and Valday on 2/15/11
Thank you!!  Prayers were definitely answered.  Thank you J

God Bless
Overthinking Mama

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