Monday, February 7, 2011

another monday

I wanted to do a post to day on the Project 31.. but the topic was write a blog post thanking someone for making my heart come alive…  and I just don’t have the motivation to do so. L 

I have been in a depressed state of mind lately… too many things going thru my head and most of them negative. L

I am debating on going to see a doc for some meds… but I really don’t know if that will help… part of me says yea… but part of me says that there’s something in my life that needs to be fixed.  

Its supposed to get extremely cold here tomorrow… ugh. I am so over this winter stuff… can’t it be spring already??  Only a few more months.

Next month is my birthday and I am looking forward to that. I am planning on taking the day off and having a “ME” day.  Maybe going and getting a pedicure… lounging around the house and reading, a bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon.  Just relaxation and just me, maybe take myself to a movie.. I hope there will something good out. J  I honestly can’t wait.  

This past weekend was a whole lotta blah. Did nothing but lounge and read. I was in kind of a down/icky mood… so I really didn’t want to deal with anyone, and sadly wasn’t the best mommy I could be. I tried to be better on Sunday, tho I was still irritable and the kids were starting to get cabin fever.  I didn’t watch the super bowl either. I was driving home for most of it and plus even if I was home- I have no cable/satellite/rabbit ears! Lol. We only watch movies J and I love it that way!!

So heres to a better week!! 

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


  1. I have debating getting on some meds myself. But I am not so sure because it seems the side effects are worse than the depression itself.

  2. It just so happens that we talked about the effects of exercise on depression today! There are studies that show that regular exercise often has the same benefits of medicine (which is particularly good news if you don't want to deal with the side effects medicine brings). In addition, you improve your cardiovascular health if you participate in regular exercise (something medicine can't do for you). PLUS, if you can set up a regular exercise time with someone (whether that means meeting up with a friend to walk or going to a spin class and meeting new people) that can mean someone to hang out with on a regular basis, and you can even use that time together to grow in God. If you're walking with a friend, challenge each other to memorize a verse between walking sessions and while you walk, you can talk about what you learned in your quiet time during the week, as well as what God showed you through the verse you learned that week! :)

    If you go talk to a doctor, ask them if they have read any of the studies on exercise's effects on depression.

  3. I think what Adam and Wendy posted is great advice! I've always been kind of anti-meds if it can be helped... but I've never really had a problem with depression so I don't know. The only advice I can give is to pray about it to see what God wants you to do. :) And I'll be praying for you too...

  4. I do pray that your days brighten soon.

    I have O.C.D. and overthinking something is my forte. I have been on meds for a while, and while I know that everyone is different, I have not had much in the way of side effects. Most Dr's can put you on a low dose, just enough to give you a bump. Excercise is indeed the best medicine, but that's not what someone wants to hear when they are depressed. Medicine may help you start the process. I am a firm believer in meds if prescribed and used correctly.

  5. Hope your feeling better today. keep smiling!

  6. I am here to brighten your day. I am your newest follower.

    Lisa @ Lesapea xx


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