Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap.

This weekend was a pretty good one.. def. a lot more calm than the last few.  J

Friday night I went out with a couple friends and sang karaoke. I suck at singing.. but I still got up there and made a fool out of myself… with the help of my friend!!  I loved it tho!! Will definitely have to go back sometime.  

Saturday was pretty good… I was up early and started cleaning and putting my entertainment center together. Went and picked up Lil man from his dads and did a lil bit of running around that I needed to get done. Came home and cleaned some more, bathed the dogs and finally passed out on the couch. The kids were wonderful… they let me sleep for like 20 minutes!!  J They were awesome!!  We went and rented some movies, got Chinese and came home. I started on some homework and then a couple friends came over and we hung out for a bit.

Sunday I was up and headed to church… I really do love this new church I have been going to…  again tho… I dunno if its because the Man is there with me… or if it’s the church itself…  but none the less… I like it.  Afterward the kids and I went to lunch with the Man and it was good. Good food and good company. Still really dunno whats up or where its going.. and honestly… as much as I want to be like “hey whats the deal” I have put this in God’s hands… I have complete faith in HIM over this area of my life…  I know he’s making me ready for my husband and my husband ready for me… whether it’s the Man or not… I dunno.. and maybe the Man is just supposed to be a distraction to keep my heart occupied and my eyes set on the Lord till the right man does come a long. I really dunno..  I do know how I feel about the Man tho… and I guess only time will tell with it all J.   
Last night I had a really hard time falling asleep, even tho I was exhausted… but I know the Lord kept me awake cuz my BFF needed to talk. So I talked with him for a bit…and I can’t go into detail about the convo… all I have to say is that the Lord has a great sense of humor… J

God Bless YOU
Overthinking Mama 

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