Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 Days of Me/Truths Day 9

Day 9: Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

Hhhmmm…  there have a been a few people…  and I don’t wanna to another post on The EX… because me and him definitely drifted apart.   I have quite a few friends that I have drifted apart from over the years…  Do I have to pick just one??!! Lol.

OK. Well the first friend…  I met in highschool.. she is one of the rare people that I met in high school that I actually still talk J  We instantly had a connection and were best friends.  We have gone in and out with being super close- talking everyday- seeing each other all the time etc.  Then only talking once in a while… here and there..  then go back to talking all the time.  We had some big fights and made up. The last biggest fight we had was almost 5 years ago. Her bf got into an argument with my bf (both now ex’s) and we stopped talking for almost a year.  I didn’t want to lose her as a friend, so I got her number and got in contact with her and we started talking again. But it was different this time around.  She had other new friends and did everything with then… and I had a renewed a few old friendships and it was just different between us.  Over the last 5 years we still see each other from time to time… still talk on occasion but I have found God and she found a great man… and both of those seem to consume our time… so we just ain’t like how we used to be. L

The second friend… hurts probably the most.  My ex-husband and I were friends with her and her husband.  We hung out all the time. We vented to each other every single day.  We did so many things together.  Her and her husband remained friends with me even thru our divorce. They didn’t chose sides…  Our friendship did change. We weren’t as close, but we were still friends.  Then this past Oct her and her husband split.  And I reached out to both her and her husband.  Asking them both (separately of course) for coffee, lunch, anything.. just to talk..)  She always said ok.. She always said she’d let me know. But I never heard from her. A mutual friend and I would invite her out with us or what ever, but she always declined or just wouldn’t respond.  Her husband on the otherhand, took me up on the offers for someone to talk to.  We have become closer friends because of it. I consider him one of my best friends now. But to her she now sees me as a threat. That I am not her friend because I am friends with her soon to be ex-husband.  That I am trying to be with her soon to be ex-husband.  I hate that she thinks that. Its not true at all!!  I still consider her a friend and I wouldn’t do that to her.  But its set in her mind so according to her, we are no longer friends.  L

There as been more friendships that have changed. Many relationships that we just have changed or were so different but ignored everything in the beginning because love is blind… but God has a plan for all of us… He knows what he’s doing. And he is here with us thru it all.. thru the love and especially thru the hurt. We just have to open our hearts to him!!!

God Bless YOU
Overthinking Mama


  1. It's funny how time changes so many of our friendships over the years... I had several really great friends in high school that I never talk to anymore. But a friendship is just like a marriage; it takes work on both ends to make it last. That's just a lot easier said than done :(

  2. Seems friendships always break our hearts in some way. All my old friends are either divorced, live far off and busy with their life, or they are dead. My husband is my best friend in my life!


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