Friday, April 15, 2011


My mind is in one place at the moment.  

Kindergarten Screening.  Oye!

We have to be at the school at 9:45.  I am so nervous.  My daughter is 4yrs old. She wont be 5 till the end of November. The age cut off is Sept 30. She’s supposed to be 5 before then to be accepted into kindergarten… but if she scores above average in the kindergarten screening then she will be eligible to be tested by the school psychologist and if she excels in that THEN she can go to kindergarten this year… 

I am so nervous for her… I am literally shaking from the anxiety I am feeling… 

She’s so smart… and so grown acting most of the time… to me she’s ready… but then I am her mom… lol.  I just hope the school sees it too!!

So needless to day.. I will post the realization post later today.. hopefully. Lol.

Say a prayer for her please!!!

Thank you all so much!!

God Bless
Overthinking Mama


  1. Said a prayer for you, her, & the school people... It'll all work out! :)

  2. Take a deep breath...She will do just fine. I went through this last year with my daughter and granddaughter. Children can sense the tension so be calm with her and make it fun.

  3. Good Luck guys! :)
    From Clayton :)

  4. Good luck! I know many people who have been the youngest in the class and excelled. Mostly girls, so you are doing the right thing. :-)

  5. I'm sure she'll do great! And if not, then its just not time. Hang in there, it'll work out like it's supposed to!


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